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[ 12 great places for birding in wildlands – and more ]

Drilling, mining and of course logging all endanger bird habitat, so wilderness areas and wildlife refuges are crucial to the survival of some species. Some have of these wild areas even been designated Important Birding Areas – sites that provide essential habitat for one or more bird spec



[ 3 Factors Shape Obama’s Decision on Keystone XL Pipeline ]

The State Department released its final environmental impact statement Friday.


[ 9 tips for birdwatching in wildlands ]

About 46 million Americans observe birds every year, according to a 2011 U.S.



[ Shell pulls out of Arctic Chukchi summer drilling; decision could be permanent ]

Shell pulls out of Arctic Chukchi summer drilling; decision could be permanent



[ Keeping Super Bowl Lights On: An Extra Line, Generators in Place ]

After infrared imaging of stadium circuitry, installation of an extra power line, and an assist from biodiesel generators, the NFL is confident the lights will stay on at Super Bowl XLVIII.


[ Study: Choosing a home close to nature improves mental health – for years ]

new study reports that moving to live closer to “green spaces” not only improves mental health immediately, but that the change is sustained for a sig



[ Propane Shortages Leave Many U.S. Homeowners in the Cold ]

Many homes are turning into iceboxes this month as heating fuel runs short and utilities urge customers to lower thermostats.


[ Statement from Jamie Williams on the State of the Union Address ]

Neil Shader

“It’s exciting to hear President Obama commit tonight to protecting America’s natural and cultural treasures.  The Antiquities Act has a long history with presidents of both parties who have us



Super Bowl XLVIII is powered 100% by renewable energy.  Follow their lead and reduce waste and carbon emissions on game day. These tips (and lots of others you can easily find on-line) will help you serve up a clean, green Big Game Party.

• Serving beer? Choose organic or local beer (that produces less carbon emissions to transport and refrigerate!) Renting a keg is also both more economical and less wasteful.

• For individually packaged beverages of all kinds, the greener choices are ones packaged in aluminum cans. Aluminum is efficient to recycle. It can be recycled and back on the store shelves as new product in a matter of weeks.

• When serving water, the best choice is to provide a pitcher of ice water and reusable glasses for your guests. If bottled water is a must, buy bottles made with less plastic and make sure they get recycled.

• Reusable dinnerware and utensils are the least wasteful means of throwing a party. When shopping for the disposable products like napkins and paper towels, look for ones made from recycled paper.

• Buying snacks in bulk creates less packaging waste and you’ll save money too.

• Don’t forget to make it easy for your guests to recycle. If you have designated recycling bins for things like cans and bottles, they’ll be a lot less likely to end up in the trash.


[ Wildlife Conservation Society ]

wildlifeWildlife Conservation Society WCS conservationists are working on the ground, across four continents and four oceans, to save some of Earth’s most spectacular and imperiled wildlife. From Thailand’s tiger territory to the nesting beaches of leatherback turtles in Gabon, and from the sea lion pools of the New York Zoos and Aquarium to the elephants and gorillas of the African forests, WCS is making groundbreaking discoveries and crucial progress against great odds.

Click here to learn more about WCS.