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Oil-hungry members of Congress remove “burdens” Sec. Zinke faces when drilling our parks

In his first year as Interior Department Secretary, Ryan Zinke has revealed his true colors as a loyal friend to the fossil fuel industry, issuing secretarial orders to systematically strike down dozens of environmental safeguards that protect Americans and their land, air and water.


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Confusion reigned in semi-shut-down national parks

During the government shutdown, visitors to public lands encountered locked doors, deserted parks and ambiguous instructions.

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Alaska’s most recent sneak attack on the Roadless Rule

Anastasia Greene

The state of Alaska is attempting to repeal long-standing protections for old-growth forests by requesting an exemption to the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule.

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Interior eviscerates a fragile wildlife refuge in Alaska behind closed doors during shutdown

Tim Woody

Out of public view during the government shutdown today, officials of the U.S.

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Don’t be fooled by Trump admin’s national park shutdown ploy

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has instituted a vague plan to keep national parks open if there is a government shutdown, but without park rangers to supervise them. It doesn’t change the way he and the Trump administration have neglected our public lands.

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