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[ This clean tech hotspot gives New York and California a run for their money ]

A Midwestern state is proving that clean energy investments are not just for “coastal elites.”


[ The 2018 farm bill in the spotlight: Here’s what you need to know ]

The largest source of conservation dollars for private land owners hangs in the balance after the House failed to pass the bill.


[ Attacks on National Forests Fail in Republican Controlled House ]

Kate Mackay

[ How Scott Pruitt’s “transparency” rule is just a sneaky ploy to censor science ]

A new EPA rule would curb scientific studies we’ve relied on for decades to protect public health. It’s easy to see why.


[ FirstEnergy’s dangerous push for an $8B bailout: What you need to know ]

If Energy Secretary Rick Perry grants a bailout of the utility’s struggling coal and nuclear plants, it could send ripples of chaos throughout our competitive power markets.


[ Will your property flood next year? These tech startups have answers. ]

A new crop of entrepreneurs uses satellite data and “thinking” computers to predict flood risks in groundbreaking ways.


[ MEMO: Trump rushes to drill Arctic Refuge land sacred to imperiled Gwich’in people ]

Tim Woody


Trump rushes to drill Arctic Refuge land sacred to imperiled Gwich’in people

TO: National Energy and Environmental Reporters


[ Public response shows overwhelming support for methane pollution protections ]

A groundswell of 407,000 Americans took time to submit public comments about the attempted rollback of the Methane Waste Prevention Rule.

The rule aims to reduce unnecessary methane emissions caused by oil and gas operations on public lands.



[ ‘Bike To Work’ Day Expected To Draw Many ‘First-Timers’ ]

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS Radio) – Look for more cyclists on the road on Thursday during ‘Bike To Work’ Day. As KCBS Radio reporter Holly Quan tells us the recent proliferation of bike share companies could mean more first timers are on the road.

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[ The mineral extraction industry has Secretary Zinke in their back pocket ]

Alex Thompson

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is supposed to be managing America’s public lands for the good of taxpayers and generations to come, but instead he is letting industry dictate environmental policies, opening up some of our wildest places to development over the objection of the American peop