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[ In one month, 17 misguided comments & actions by In(f)erior Sec. Ryan Zinke ]

Michael Reinemer

Zinke blames veterans, people with disabilities, old people for increase in park fees.


[ Clean energy boom played key role in recent US carbon emissions drop, study shows ]

Wind, solar and other clean energy development held their own against natural gas, accounting for nearly one-third of emissions reductions 2007 – 2013.


[ In case you missed it: Lead levels once deemed “safe” may cause cardiovascular death in adults ]

It’s a wakeup call for policymakers: America’s continuing lead problem must be addressed.


[ How environmental innovation will transform business as usual ]

Google, Walmart and other leading companies are investing in innovations that empower people to take action.


[ New report outlines 5 key principles for responsible oil and gas management on America’s public lands ]

Alex Thompson

Today, the Hispanic Access Foundation, Protect Our Winters, The Wilderness Society, and Rocky Mountain Farmers Union released a new report


[ We stood up for America’s wildest forests–but another big fight is on the horizon ]

Congress has passed a bill to fund the federal government without proposals that could have introduced logging and road-building to millions of acres of America’s wildest forests.


[ How a groundswell of citizen activism helped save the EPA ]

Congress listened and this will mean less pollution, healthier kids and, just maybe, a reality check for Washington politics.


[ People deserve a say on what happens to Bears Ears–not just mining and energy interests ]

The Trump administration has quietly scheduled public meetings on how the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments will be managed in the future, minimizing input from the public while propping up fossil fuel and other special interests.


[ PG&E Plans To Open San Francisco Wildfire Prevention Center ]

PG&E has announced that they’ll be opening a wildfire prediction and response center in San Francisco. As KCBS Radio’s Megan Goldsby reports, they plan to monitor conditions around the clock.

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[ Support Science, Sustainability And Healthy Eating In Urban Public Schools ]

Education Outside is hosting their annual City Picnic April 4th at Jefferson Elementary School in San Francisco. Enjoy an evening of craft cocktails and exquisite food with proceeds from the event supporting science, sustainability and healthy eating in urban public schools. Find more info and purchase your tickets today at www.citypicnic.educationoutside.org