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[ Trump’s climate denial puts Houston’s massive recovery at risk ]

The president's order to rescind flood standards requires congressional lawmakers to step in – and fast.


[ Zinke aims to undo more wildlands protections, this time in Alaska ]


[ Extinction is not a new concept ]

In fact, species have been going extinct for millions of years from geological and climate changes. The issue now is from over consumption, pollution, and habitat destruction brought on by humans causing more species to needlessly become extinct.

So why should we care about sea turtles extinction in particular?

For starters, sea turtles help maintain the health of sea grass by eating it. Healthy sea grass allows other oceanic species such as crustaceans, fish, and shellfish to be able to breed. This would impact a huge source of food for humans.

In addition, when sea turtles lay eggs in dunes, the shells and unhatched eggs left behind provide nutrients that facilitate vegetation growth. This strengthens the beach’s ecosystem as a whole and helps prevent erosion.


So help save sea turtles around the world by donating or purchasing some adorable sea turtle pillows here:



Donation not enough for you? You can always become an alliance partner!
For more information, visit: http://costaricaturtles.com/


[ Torrential rains and violent storm surge: Why hurricane impacts are getting worse ]

As global temperatures rise, storms are becoming more destructive and costly.


[ Wilderness Society on passing of conservation giant Cecil Andrus ]

Anastasia Greene

Cecil Andrus, former Idaho Governor and Secretary of the Interior has passed away. The following statement is from Wilderness Society president, Jamie Williams: 


[ Verdict in? Interior Sec. Zinke recommends Trump gut mystery list of parks ]

The parks recommended for reduced protection reportedly include Utah’s Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments and Oregon’s Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.


[ Secrecy surrounds Interior Department’s sham review of public lands ]

Michael Reinemer

The following statement was released by Jamie Williams, president of The Wilderness Society, in the wake of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s failure to release any specific recommendations regarding President Trump’s order to “review” lands protected as national monuments.



[ Scott Pruitt’s anti-environmental agenda hits a snag: The courts ]

If the EPA chief and his legal team continue to make misleading arguments, they may suffer more setbacks.


[ Study: 99% of comments on Trump’s park review were pro-land protection ]

New analysis finds that 99.2% of the millions of public comments submitted about Bears Ears National Monument and other parks oppose the executive order that placed them under scrutiny.


[ Interior recommendations to strip land protections are illegal and dangerous ]

Jennifer Dickson

The following statement was released by Jamie Williams, president of The Wilderness Society, on Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s comments today that he will recommend to the Trump Administration alterations to national monuments across the United States: